Dundonians back study linking mental illness with mobile phone use .

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Dundonians have backed a new study which linked mobile phone use with mental illness.

The report, which comes from Kings College London, suggests that one in three children are addicted to smartphones.

The study also suggests that excessive mobile phone use at a young age can lead to increased chances of developing mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

Many in the city agree with the findings, such as Annalisa Puntil.

The 18-year-old student, from Hawkhill, said: “Social media gives young people an idea of what life should be. You always see what your friends are doing, what they’re up to. You can’t really get a moment of peace, it’s always on the go.”

Moira Mason, 63, a retired lunchtime supervisor from Kirkton, agreed.

She said: “I could see the link between phones and mental health issues. When I worked at a primary school we used to stay ‘don’t take the bully home with you’ but now kids have to. If you take your phone home you take the bully home, unless you block them.”

Others, such as Dave Coutts, a 64-year-old concierge from Fintry, also believed that there was some truth to the study.

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He said: “It’s definitely impacting their mental health. I’ve got four grandkids and they’re always on phones or tablets.

“Our grandkids seem to be getting on fine, but who knows what it’s doing to some kids. Who knows what it’s doing to us? We can’t tell what’s will happen 10 years down the line.”

However, some believe that there’s nothing wrong with kids using technology a little. Jonathan Baird, 40, a bricklayer from Angus, said: “There might be a possible link, but there’s nothing wrong with kids using smartphones and tablets. They need to do that stuff to grow up normally now.

“It’s not a problem if they’re just watching Youtube or playing Fortnite. That’s when they’re happiest.”