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Your Tuesday, by zodiac sign.

Today's daily tarot card reading with astro-numerology horoscope is here for your Tuesday, December 3, 2019 forecast, by zodiac sign.

Today, you are in Life Path 9, the Humanitarian. This is the most developed life path and has one of the strongest vibrational energies that empower you to do things for others, but also to help yourself.


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When you are on life path 9, you will realize what must end. There is something that needs to be wrapped up so you can move on. Although change is often met with resistance, in your heart you will feel great relief. 

You don't want to stay stuck in the past, and with Jupiter moving into Capricorn just before the First Quarter Moon in Pisces this Wednesday, it's a good time to focus your energy on letting things go. 

At this time, you will also have a strong desire to work for something you believe in and you will throw yourself into this activity with your whole self, which most likely places you in a position to benefit others.

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You may even feel like you are out of place in situations where you are interacting with your family, or even feel like an outcast. So, you have to find a healthy way to balance your interactions with your family. Set up some boundaries and work towards meeting a healthy family dynamic.