Chloe Madeley fitness: How does she stay in shape? Diet and workout plan revealed .

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Chloe Madeley is a presenter and keen fitness enthusiast who will often share workout tips. She is married to former rugby union player, James Haskell, who is currently taking part in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. What does Chloe do to stay in shape?

She told Closer magazine: “Three years ago I met my now ex boyfriend, who luckily for me was a personal trainer.

“When I told him about my struggle, he laughed and told me that if I wanted body transformation, I needed to lift weights.

“I didn't want to as I didn't want to get bulky, but I also didn't want to argue so I let him train me and ate what he told me to, and in a matter of weeks he had changed my body.”

Chloe will often use her Instagram account to give fans a glimpse into her intensive fitness routine and share workouts at the gym.


In a recent post, the fitness model revealed she still uses weight training to stay in shape.

She wrote: “Seven years of weight lifting and still nowhere near where I want to be. No, lifting does NOT make women 'bulky', lifting makes women ‘toned’.”

When staying slim, her diet has also played an important part in her results.

Chloe added: “I eat 100 percent clean foods, so all natural foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, veg, whole grains like oats, sweet potato, nuts etc.