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Understanding iPhone's Sneaky 5G Trick

A number of iPhone owners who aren’t following the story of AT&T’s courageous rebranding of its data services will no doubt be happy to see that their iOS powered handset is now connecting to 5G. But this is not the 5G revolution that others are...

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How to get out of a phone contract

Finding the right contract is a daunting task. It’s all too easy to end up on the wrong plan, with the wrong provider – and once you’ve been ensnared, it tends to feel like there’s no way out. So we decided to create a neat guide, to act as the mach...

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Will Continual Learning Trump Experience?

A new technology called continual learning (CL) enables computers to apply accumulated knowledge to make better decisions in the future and is considered “one of the hottest threads of artificial intelligence (AI) research.” This according to an arti...