2020 Topps Definitive Collection Offers High-End Rewards For Collectors .

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For collectors with expensive tastes, 2020 Topps Definitive Collection has proven to be a popular option. With an expected release the week of April 22, a hobby box will hover close to $1,000 — but the payoff could be big.

2020 Topps Definitive Basics

There will be just one pack per hobby box, but Topps is promising six autograph or autograph relic cards, plus an additional two relic cards.

All autograph cards will be hard-signed — except for cut signatures — and Topps said all cards will be numbered to 50 or less.

The more than 40 base autograph relic cards will make up the “base” set, and they will have large swatches of game-used memorabilia. While the cards will be numbered to 50, there are parallels that will have smaller runs.

Green parallels will be numbered to 25, while Purple parallels will be numbered to 10. There will be 1-of-1 versions of Team Logo Red parallels, MLB Logos Red parallels and Brand Logo Red parallels. Collectors also could find 1/1 versions of Jersey Button Red parallels and Laundry Tag Red parallels.

Autographs and Auto Relics

The signature cards that combine rookies, veterans and stars will be the real draw. The Definitive Autograph Collection will include all three, with a Red parallel issued as a 1/1 card.

Definitive Rookie Autographs will focus on up-and-coming younger players. In addition to the cards numbered to 50, there will be parallels in Green (numbered to 25), Purple (10) and Red (1/10.

Definitive Autograph Relics are similar to the base set but sport a different design. These cards will have large pieces of memorabilia and will be numbered to 40 or fewer. Parallels can be found in Green (numbered to 10), Purple (5) and Red (1/1).

The Legendary Autograph Collection is limited to retired stars. Base cards are numbered to 25 or less, with Purple parallels numbered to 5 and 1/1 Red parallels.

The Framed Autograph Collection will feature signature cards surrounded by a metal frame. The base cards will be numbered to 30 or fewer, while parallels can be found in Purple (numbered to 10) and Red (1/1). A similar subset will be Frame Autograph Patch cards, which also are numbered to 30 or less. Like the Framed Autograph Collection, these cards will feature parallels in Purple (numbered to 10) and Red (1/1).

The autograph parade continues with the Dual Autograph Collection. As one might infer from its name, these cards will feature autographs from two different players. It will be a combination of rookies, veteran stars and retired greats. The base cards will be numbered to 35 or less, while there will be parallels in Green (numbered to 10), Purple (5) and Red (1/1).

Some collectors will pull Autograph Patch Book Collection cards. These booklet-style cards open up and will feature the player and his autograph on one panel, and a very large swatch on the opposite panel. These cards will be numbered to 5 or less.

Another relic subset is the Definitive Helmet Collection. These cards feature pieces of a player’s batting helmet and are numbered to 50 or less. There are several parallels in this subset, including Purple, numbered to 5; and 1/1 versions of MLB Logo Red, Rawlings Authentic Tag Red, Rawlings Logo Red and MPH Red.

The Definitive Nameplate Collection consists of 1/1 cards of jersey nameplates, while the Definitive Patch College sports 1/1 cards with 75 subjects, with each featuring jersey patch pieces.

The Jumbo Relic Collection combines top players with jumbo game-used pieces of memorabilia. These cards are numbered to 50 and include parallels in Blue (numbered to 30), Green (15), Purple (5) and Red (1/1).

Definitive Cut Signatures are 1/1 cards of top players from the past.

This year’s product will feature some new wrinkles. Defining the Decade Autograph Collection will focus on statistical leaders from various decades. The base cards will be numbered to 10, with Purple parallels numbered to 5 and 1/1 Red parallels.

Another subset making its debut is Defining Accolades Autograph Collection, which pays tribute to iconic award winners. These cards are numbered to 10 or less and have Purple parallels numbered to 5 and Red parallels that are 1/1s.

Another new feature is the Definitive Autograph Ultra Patch Collection. This subset features large jersey numbers, nameplate and team patches. Collectors will be able to assemble the entire patch across multiple cards.

There are plenty of high-end possibilities for collectors. Coming on the heels of Topps Series 1 and Heritage, the Topps Definitive Collection will offer something for collectors who prefer boxes that are more about autographs and pieces of prime memorabilia.

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